Tying up Short Trips for
Spare Engineers and ESBs

To all running trade employees,

This is a reminder to engineers making spare trips and conductors who complete the tie ups for spare engineers. Putting a Y on the short trip place on the tie up screen will not properly place a spare Locomotive Engineer into his or her proper place on the spare board but it will screw up the pool turn they are carrying. The only way to ensure that a spare locomotive engineer is properly placed after a short trip is to call the crew dispatcher and have them reposition them on the board manually.

When a short trip is indicated with a Y on the tie up screen, the pool turn being carried gets placed first out which is not the proper place for that turn to be positioned. The effect of this is the first out pool engineer gets run around and the engineer booked off can potentially lose earnings as their turn goes back out before it should. The pool engineer that was first out will not be paid for the runaround that is created by this as it is an application of a local rule.

In order to make this local rule work properly it is the responsibility of all of us to make sure it is applied properly. I don't need to explain the benefit this local rule has but, like anything worthwhile, it takes a little attention and effort to make sure it works.

In solidarity,

Greg Edwards,
Local Committee of Adjustment.


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