R.J. Lewis
Local Chairman

October 14, 1999



Some members of Division 657 have brought forward concerns about their ability to attend scheduled appointments for periodic medical examinations required by the company. While many members are able to book appointments and easily accommodate such between trips, there are circumstances where this has become a major problem.

In order to alleviate any scheduling problems our members have in attending their mandatory periodic medical examinations, your committee has reached agreement with the company on the following Local Rule:

Local Rule #13 - Periodic Medical Examination - Rest

Locomotive Engineers who find their work schedule conflicting with an appointment for their periodic medical examination may book rest up to 1700 on the day of their medical examination.

Locomotive Engineers must be able to book rest into the day of their periodic medical examination and the extra rest must be booked through the crew dispatcher upon arrival at Revelstoke on the trip immediately preceding their medical examination. In no case will the extra rest booked for a periodic medical examination be more than seventeen (17) hours over and above what is allowed under local rule #6.

In order to use this rule you must first of all be able to book rest into the day of your appointment. If your appointment were on a Wednesday you would have to be able to book rest until at least 0001 on Wednesday under the normal rest rule. Having met the above criteria you could then contact the crew dispatcher and using this rule extend your rest so that you can attend your appointment.

Rest as stated can not be beyond 1700 hours on the day of your appointment hence the maximum of 17 hours extra rest.

Hopefully this will alleviate some of the problems associated with attending periodic medical examinations.

In solidarity,


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