Archived Articles Still in use on Revelstoke Division

To all division 657 members

March 14, 2001


Many of you noticed that our last collective agreement had a lot of old articles archived. This means they still have full effect but need not be in the body of the collective agreement since many of them have no more application. The idea is that the book is easier to use if not filed with a bunch of language that is not necessary, eg; there are no firemen any more.

There are two articles in the archives that we still use in Revelstoke and I thought everyone should have a copy of the language available so we don’t forget them. It is important to note that both of these rules are BLE specific so if you are working as a conductor, please consult the UTU agreements or contact one of your reps.

First, the trip for trip rule for passenger service.

30.11 (Formerly (k)(1)

A temporary vacancy in passenger service will be filled by the senior pool or assigned road engineer desiring the run at the station where the vacancy exists. An engineer filling such vacancy must lose the equivalent number of trips off his regular job immediately.

And second, the assisting rule.


Rule 5
Applicable on the British Columbia Seniority District only.

(b) Road engineers held en route to assist or doublehead trains will be paid detention rates for the time so held or detained on the basis of 12-1/2 miles per hour in addition to mileage covered assisting or doubleheading such train.

In solidarity,


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