G.A. Edwards

Local Chiarman


                                                                                                            March 27, 2001

Mr. D. Zatko

Manager of Operations (Road)

C. P. Railway Company

Revelstoke, B.C.


Dear Sir:

The Golden members of Division 657 have brought forward concerns about the requirement in the seven day board agreement for them to take AV from Monday to Sunday. These concerns really are a desire to make our local arrangements better reflect the provisions of the collective agreement, which recognises the importance to our members that they get the most time with their families while enjoying their hard earned annual vacation allotment.

In consideration of these concerns a conference call was held March 2, 2001 with representative from management in Revelstoke, Golden and the NMC as well as UTU local 501 and representatives from BLE Division 657 in Revelstoke and Golden.

The result of this phone call was that an agreement was reached to accommodate these concerns. I have produced the following revision of appendix 1 of Agreed Practice #1 Seven Day Board System to reflect the commitments made during this telephone conversation.

Appendix 1.

For regularly assigned yard engineers a work week shall be as described in article 4.02 (2) of the current collective agreement, which reads;

The term "work week" for regularly assigned yard Engineers shall mean a week beginning on the first day on which the assignment is bulletined to work.

All bids received before the cut off for the work week for assigned yard jobs shall apply to the changes that happen in the following week between 0001 Monday and 2359 Sunday and will remain in effect until the next days off for that job.

For the purpose of this agreement all assigned or unassigned freight jobs will begin at 0001 Monday and end at 2359 on Sunday regardless of days off.

Please indicate your concurrence with these revisions. 


Yours truly,

____________________                                                        _______________________

G.A. Edwards                                                                          I concur

Local Chairman                                                                        Dwight Zatko

                                                                                                Manager of Opertions