Brothers and Sisters,

The vote on the Memorandum of Settlement is over and the results were:

76% yes
24% no

Everything that we accomplished within this last settlement was as a result of the support of our brothers and sisters in the field. You gave us the strength to stand up for what was right and fair.

For the donations and letters of encouragement, we will always be indebted to you. More than that, however, is the extra time your people took to let us know you were behind us. You gave us encouragement and the feeling that we could accomplish more - by saying "no" to the Company, the negotiating team was given the power to go back to the bargaining table and obtain what was necessary in order to reach a ratified settlement. This would not have been possible without you.

I would be remiss if I did not include a sincere thank-you to the Teamsters. Notwithstanding the challenges facing the BLE and UTU on this sensitive subject, I believe when a Union steps up to the plate in the way that the Teamsters did at each of the Intermodal facilities where we picketed, they should be recognized and applauded. Who says trains and trucks can't work together?! After all, we are all trade unionists looking for proper treatment of our respective memberships.

It is not my intention to offend anyone, only to thank all those who made a difference in a very tense set of negotiations. I, myself, am very humbled by the support of those around me.

In solidarity we are strong, and the strength you gave us was inspiring. Truly, the Unions of CP Rail know and understand the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood. Thank you all.


Kari Essery
CP Vice General Chairperson

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