Our Memorandum of Settlement was
voted on today July 22 and the results were:

67% No to Settlement
33% Yes to Settlement

We, as a Negotiating Commitee, deliberated long and hard on whether to bring this Settlement to our members. We had had a mandate from the membership not to bring anything back to them unless the four major issues were dealt with. Three of the four we felt were dealt with and believed that the last had to be left up to the membership to decide. We had spent countless hours explaining to the Company that by not dealing with the seniority issue, we were fearful that the Settlement would be voted down. We had hit a wall with the Company and knew we could go no further until it was voted on.

One of the Letters of Understanding is dealing with the
trust/relationship in the NMC's (Calgary and Montreal). By not dealing with the seniority issue, they have not even begun to understand the problems in the NMC. Hopefully, they do now.

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