The BLE-RCTC and Division 320 set up picket lines on West Coast Express and Vancouver Intermodal Facility on July 4.

Minor delays caused to WCE. Shut down VIF from 0530 to 1600.

Were able to stop 99% of traffic of moving in and out of VIF. The first two hours at VIF some 50 trucks were turned away. Once the word got out traffic slowed. The odd non union truck managed to push through the line but many were stopped by blocking the truck.

Later in the afternoon more non union truckers got courage and started to enter. Picketers warned to keep moving not to stand in front of trucks. As such we decided it was not right to have the non union trucks take IBT work. Decided to shut down the line 4 hours earlier than planned because of this.

Approximately 40 locomotive engineers throughout the day came out to support. No official support from the UTU.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters who operate the vast majority of trucks entering showed complete support.

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