NMC 007-07

February 29, 2008

SUBJECT:  Abeyance Code NR01 - $80.00 Penalty Payment When Relieved as per Appendix #9 of the Memorandum of Settlement (MOS).

Please be advised that the abeyance code "NR01” has been assigned to the issue of the $80 penalty payment when the crew has given proper notice of rest, are relieved, are transported to the objective terminal and do not arrive within 10 hours as outlined in Appendix #9 of the MOS.

Claims of this nature should be submitted as an IP claim and must indicate that the claim is to be held in abeyance by typing "ABEYANCE NR01" and “APPENDIX #9 MOS” in the remarks field. The IP claim will be held in abeyance until both the Union and Company finalize a process for validating these claims. 

All IP claims with regards to this issue from 0001 on February 14, 2008 MUST include the following information in order to be considered:

- Confirm that Notice was given
- Time that the crew was ordered
- Departure time of the cab from the relief location
- Off duty time of the crew
- The location or Mileage point at which the crew was relieved

Both parties continue to work on the details regarding the taxi travel times from the relief point to the objective terminal.  Therefore, claims for the $80 penalty payment cannot be adjudicated immediately. It is agreed that these claims will be reviewed after the required information has been established and the process has been automated as outlined in Appendix #9.

Kent Cook
Senior Auditor


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