Application for certification filed on behalf of CN conductors


Yesterday, the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) filed an application for certification with the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) on behalf of approximately 2,500 conductors employed by the Canadian National Railway.

The conductors and trainmen are currently represented by the United Transportation Union (UTU).

“UTU members have made it loud and clear. They want to belong to the same labour body as CN’s locomotive engineers. We feel that we are obviously their best choice as we work side by side in the cab of the locomotive and represent a large portion of all rail workers,” stated TCRC President Dan Shewchuk.

Furthermore, decisions made by the UTU’s officers in the United States have motivated Canadian UTU members to join the Teamsters.

“The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference is an autonomous body within the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. UTU members are aware of that and are very happy to be joining our ranks. They will finally have the ability to regain control of their union,” added Shewchuk.

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference currently represents CN and CP locomotive engineers and rail traffic controllers as well as CP’s conductors and trainmen and Maintenance of Way Employees.

The CIRB will make its decision known within the next few weeks.

Info: Dan Shewchuk 613-235-1828

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