Initiative Results


Brothers and Sisters;


A Board of Tellers under the Supervision of National Secretary Treasurer Richard Dyon has counted the ballots received in regards to the initiative under Section 4 of the TCRC Bylaws following a petition started by Brother Ranson from Division 320.

These are the results :  

Ballots mailed :    7724

Ballots returned :  1856

Ballots in favour :  1634

Ballots against :     215

Ballots spoiled :         5

Ballots contested :     2 

The results show that 88% of the membership casting a ballot was in favour of the initiative based on a 24% ballots returned. 

The initiative will be in place for our 2006 September TCRC Convention to have the Officers elected as specified in the revised articles. 

Our members have exercised their democratic rights under our Bylaws.


Gilles Hallé




Please note that all Division Officers of the TCRC were copied on this email....



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