Local Rule 2 Amendment

October 23, 2005




Effective immediately, there is change to local rule #2 (Short Trip).  At the regular Division 657 meeting on October 18th a motion was passed by the majority Locomotive Engineers to amend local rule #2 to allow the addition of TCS which will now qualify as a short turn regardless of the miles earned.  The amended rule is posted separately, and the pertinent changes are highlighted.




Les Daley

Div. 657 (Engineers)



Unassigned and spare locomotive engineers who make less than 175 miles in any class of service will return to their original position prior to being called.


Engineers called in TCS, regardless of the miles earned, will return to their original position prior to being called.


After the second consecutive short trip or TCS engineers will go to the bottom of the pool or spareboard, whichever applies.


A vacant turn in unassigned pools, filled by a spare locomotive engineer will be placed at the bottom of the respective pool on arrival at Revelstoke.  If a locomotive engineer is carrying a closed turn and books a short trip, the short trip applies only to the engineer’s turn, the carried turn will drop to the bottom of the pool.


Upon completion of a short tour of duty, it is the responsibility of the locomotive engineer to ensure that the proper wage claim is submitted.


Engineers effected by this rule must advise the CMC Crew Dispatcher of their proper placement in their respective pool or spareboard on completion of tour of duty.  It is understood that Engineers will have a reasonable amount of time (1 hour after completion of duty) to correct any error or omission.(eff. Oct 4/99)


No other RTE’s are allowed to reposition Locomotive Engineers, except an RTE from the crew repositioning the crew when tying up.


A locomotive engineer violating this rule will have his miles made on trip subsequent to being placed 1st out in violation of this rule doubled.


The company will not be involved in claims resulting from incorrect information given by a locomotive engineer to notify the CMC Crew Dispatcher of their proper placement.



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