August 17, 2004



This is the 6th bulletin since National Negotiations commenced in October 2002 and the third bulletin issued since
the recommencement of national negotiations April 2004. This bulletin is being distributed to update the
membership on negotiations to date.

During the week of June 28th to July 1, 2004 we met with the Company negotiating committee in Montreal to
continue discussions surrounding a number of selected issues that were carried over from the previous session in
June. We felt there was sufficient merit to continue these discussions as soon as possible, so we scheduled a
further negotiation session in Montreal for July 30, 2004 to August 10, 2004, including our own caucus meeting

Negotiations with the Company continued in Montreal on August 02 through to August 10, 2004. We continued to
focus on the issues debated during the previous session in an effort to secure improvements to a number of issues
of importance to the membership. For example, we have spent a great deal of time handling the issue of benefits
as this has been identified as a very important topic. Our efforts have been to improve the benefit package for the
membership, while we believe the Company demands initially placed onto the table would actually reduce the
benefits available to our members and their families. Our negotiating committee remains united in our
determination to ensure the benefits available to the membership are relevant to the needs of our membership and
their families.

Training has become a very important issue, and we are committed in our efforts to secure improvements in a
variety of ways. We cannot ignore the hiring trends of the past two years and the fact that hiring and training will
most likely continue to expand in the coming years. It is distinctly possible the Company may be required to hire
upwards of another 700 new employees over the next several years, and there will have to be significant emphasis
and focus on training in all of the running trades crafts.

Benefits and Training are only two of the issues left on the table. There are quite a few issues left to address,
including a number of demands from the Company. Within this Bulletin we cannot explain every issue or every
debate that has taken place on the various issues handled at the recent negotiations sessions. The TCRC
Negotiating Committee is aware of the interest from the membership for more details about what is being debated
at the main table. However, please remember that what is most important is the final agreement and the terms
contained within a negotiated document. We are united in our resolve to negotiate the best possible terms for the
membership, and we will continue in our efforts to secure improvements the membership will support.

We have agreed to another negotiating session in mid September. Hopefully this session will result in some
advancement to the various issues that are important to the membership.

In response to the requests for a summary of the entire bargaining process since the initial demands were
exchanged, we offer the following information:

To date there have been 67 days of formal negotiations. To some this may seem like an extensive
amount of time, but given all of the circumstances it is not unusually long. When negotiations
recommenced in April, several members of our Negotiating Committee were new to the process,
for a variety of reasons. Since April of this year there have been 35 days of formal discussions,
and this does not include caucus days.

Complete summaries of the negotiating session dates are as follows:

· Oct 20, 2002 explanation of each party's demands. Bulletin issued,

· Week of Nov. 20, 2002 - Fatigue Management Plan (FMP),

· Week of Dec. 16, 2002 – FMP,

· Week of January 20, 2003 – FMP,

· Week of March 17, 2003 to discuss outstanding issues. Bulletin issued, letters of resolve have been issued to all Local Chairs on these resolutions,

· Week of April 28, 2003 was used for discussion on formal demands and human rights language,

· Week of May 19, 2003 discussion and information on Pension and Benefits,

· Week of June 1, 2003, discussion involving general demands,

· Talks suspended July 06, 2003 to April 17, 2004,

· April 13 to April 23, 2004 review demands, discuss process,

· May 31 to June 18, 2004, formal talks, all issues,

· Week of June 28, 2004, discussion on selected issues,

· July 31 to August 10, 2004, discussion on selected issues
The TCRC Negotiating Committee remains committed to providing the membership with the best possible
contract. We prefer to achieve the improvements to the contract through the negotiations process, however our
commitment to the membership is to achieve the best possible contract terms and we will rely upon all legal
measures available to achieve the necessary improvements sought by the membership.

Your continued support is appreciated.


Dave Able Douglas Finnson
General Chairman General Chairman
TCRC L.E. West TCRC C/T/Y West

Rob Hewitt Daniel Genereux
General Chairman General Chairman
TCRC L.E. East TCRC C/T/Y East

cc: G. Halle, President Teamsters Canada Rail Conference
T. George Hucker, Vice President and National Legislative Representative, TCRC

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