Teamsters win the vote ordered by the Canadian Industrial Relation Board (CIRB)

February 5, 2004 22:33 EST

Gilles Hallé, president of Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, is pleased to announce that the vote called for by the United Transportation Union through le Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) is a victory for Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC).

Two questions were asked to the 4449 members of the Canadian Counsel of Railway Operating Unions (CCROU) composed of members from the UTU and the TCRC. Members were asked if they were agreeing with the idea of dissolving the CCROU, secondly, members were asked to choose between Teamsters Canada Rail Conference and the United Transportation Union as their bargaining unit.

Members’ decision is to dissolve the CCROU and to join Teamsters Canada Rail Conference; accordingly UTU members at CPR are now part of Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

« Teamsters Canada Rail Conference will shortly become the principal interlocutor during negotiation between CN, CP and its workers », said François Laporte, from Teamsters Canada’ national office. « We will be able to sit quickly at the negotiation table with management and get the best collective agreement. The era of divided workers in the railway industry is over; we are now united. »

In closing, Teamsters Canada Rail conference applied recently for certification to represent members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way (BMWE) at CP and is awaiting the Canadian Industrial Relation Board’s decision. Furthermore, a similar request will be made for members of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way (BMWE) at CN which will permit to expand the Unification of railway workers in Canada.

Information: François Laporte, 450.682.5521