March 26, 2004


This is the actual reasons for Chairman Lordon for his decision to complete
the voting process and to give the employee their wishes to be represented
by the TCRC.  Lordon has dismissed or set aside each and every argument put
up by the UTU legal counsel.  Clearly the positions argued by Jim Shields
showed the CIRB what the correct interpretation of the Law was and that
there was nothing of substance in the UTU's position.

The BLE and now the TCRC had won at each and every hearing, from the CIRB to
the CLC and the membership have now spoken.  With the Order that I sent out
earlier it is my understanding that we took over the representation on
Thursday March 25th.

As for where we go from here, Brother Halle is on two weeks annual vacation
out of the country and we will wait for the discussions on structure to take
place once he has returned.

George Hucker


if you have any suggestions or comments

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