The UTU are asking you to join their union with statements like this.

Previous court ruling in the US stated that the Canadian ballots on a unification/merger vote could not be counted separate from those of the US (the BLE petitioned the court for this). Unlike the previous UTU/BLE merger balloting, the Senior Officers of the BLE in Canada now insist that the Canadian ballots will not be counted separately, despite the protests of representatives within their own organization. There will NOT be a separate Canadian vote on the BLE/Teamsters merger

There was a ruling in an American court that a separate Canadian vote cannot be conducted under the BLE constitution. Since that ruling the International convention of the BLE adopted the following provision.

            (e)(5) No later than 75 days after the mailing date, a written request may be made, by both Canadian Vice Presidents and a majority of the Canadian General Chairmen and Provincial Legislative Board Chairmen, that the Canadian active membership be entitled to a separate vote on the merger or affiliation proposal. A majority of the valid ballots cast by Canadian active members disapproving the merger or affiliation shall result in the disaffiliation of the Canadian BLE. If a separate vote is conducted pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph, the ballot instructions for Canadian members will plainly state, in both English and French, that disaffiliation will result in the event of a Canadian rejection, even though the U.S. members may accept the merger or affiliation proposal.

Are the UTU aware of this? They should be if they deserve your trust to bargain for them.

What is the UTU track record? In the unification vote between the UTU and the BLE only the BLE members had the Canadian votes counted separately. The UTU leadership in Canada refused requests from their members for a separate vote.




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