BLE Division 322
Q and A at the Teamsters Town Hall Meeting


  • Will ESBs continue to have flow back rights to a conductor/trainman if set back?


  • Will union dues increase if we become Teamsters?
  • NO, international dues are locked in till 2007 and will not be raised without concurrence from the delegates. Will union dues increase if we become Teamsters? This does not mean that GCA or Local dues are locked in.


  • If Teamster truckers or otherwise goes on strike, will we also have to honour their picket lines?

NO, it is not part of the contract with your employer, the very same as we had to cross the RCTC picket lines.


  • Will we have Canadian Autonomy as a Teamster affiliate?

YES, as we have enjoyed previously. This is something the UTU does not have.


  • Teamsters represent only the best interests for truckers.

FALSE, Teamsters represent a diverse work force, the majority of which are couriers such as UPS. They also represent Airline, police and factory workers as well as truckers.


  • Why the Teamsters?

The BLE approached several Unions and felt the Teamsters were the best choice. 1.5 million members offer security and pooled resources in times of need.


  • Why not join the UTU?

The UTU has cost the BLE over 15 million dollars defending raid attempts plus UTU international promotes Belt Pack operations which are not conducive to safety or the best interests of the BLE member.



        Why not just BLE Canada?

It would be possible to operate as a Canadian entity but we need to focus our energies on the daily issues of the members and not spending the memberís money and potentially bankrupting the BLE defending against raids from other unions. Joining a large affiliate gives us this security.


        If we join the Teamsters will the CCROU be disbanded?

The BLE or the Teamsters affiliation will not affect our involvement in the CCROU.


        Who will be the BLE representatives after we join with the Teamsters?

The elected BLE representatives and Divisions will operate as before.


        Some Teamster contracts with trucking companies limit traffic by rail. Is it a good idea to align with a union that promotes trucking over rail?

Truckers haul about 10% of all goods transported across the country. The railways haul the rest. Our biggest competitor is CN and other railways, not the truckers. On a relevant basis, we stand to lose more jobs through the promotion of belt packs than anywhere else.


        What happens if we join the Teamsters and for whatever reasons feel the fit isnít working?

We have 2 years to back out of the affiliation with the Teamsters; it is part of the agreement.



        When do we vote?        

Ballots go out October 20, 2003 and it is important all members vote, regardless on how you vote.