October 29, 2003

Brothers and Sisters

Please find attached the News Release from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in regards to the increases for the Away-From-Home Expenses. The allowances have been increases to $15.00 per meal to a maximum of $45.00 per day. For those locomotive engineers who are working into the US the meal expense can be claimed in US dollars. It is still the position of Revenue Canada that only 50% of the allowance can be claimed by locomotive engineers.

The discussions and the change in Revenue Canada's position on this increase was from the joint presentations of Teamsters Canada's Government Affairs Department and the BLE National Legislative Department to the Agency. Brothers Francois Laporte and Phil Benson from Teamsters Canada had the BLE join their efforts to get this change. Unfortunately the other operating union chose not to be a part of this successful joint effort.

Please post for all members to see.

George Hucker

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