To all Locomotive Engineers


Monthly mileages back to normal


Dec. 22, 2003




BLE Division 657 agreed to allow our members to exceed the 3800 miles in a month in order to help move large volumes of traffic expected through the months of October and November. I have served notice to the company that Division 657 has lived up to our commitment and it is time to end this accommodation.


Effective today, December 22, 2003, the monthly mileage provisions of the collective agreement are in full force. The incentives offered by the company for the duration of our accommodation no longer apply.


The incentives connected to the lifting of the miles were the 20% premium for over miles and the guarantee of your fixed rate on trains that were yarded for operational reasons.


All other local rules were not connected to the lifting of the miles and remain in effect.


This issue was discussed at the BLE meeting December 16, and the decision to end this arrangement was made in accordance with the direction from our members only.


The return to normal on our miles does not apply to UTU members. At this time, the UTU have not served the company notice to end this arrangement.


Any member who works both crafts in a monthly period uses the rules applicable to their craft at the time they reach 3800 miles. If you are BLE you have to book miles and in the UTU you would have an option.


Merry Christmas everyone,


Greg Edwards


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