The documents each Division has recently received include the Merger Agreement and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) Bylaws.  To assist understanding these documents and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Constitution, this communication will try to explain and highlight major differences in relation to the current International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (IBLE) Constitution and provide important points to these documents.



-         Purpose; provides maximum autonomy within IBT structure. To allow each craft their own jurisdiction and control.  Allows for national autonomy; United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.



-         TCRC will be affiliated to Teamsters Canada who in turn is a department of the IBT.

-         TCRC to maintain same control over operation and assets as we do now.

-         Allows for 2 year right to withdraw from merger by a rank and file majority vote

-         TCRC Executive to consist of President, Vice President, these 2 positions to be fulltime, same salary as provided for in current constitution, Secretary Treasurer, Recording Secretary and 3 Trustees.  All positions appointed until 2006 national convention.

-         Merger not to affect current dues and assessments.

-         Jurisdictional disputes to be handled under the IBT Constitution.

-         Merger Agreement subject to ratification of membership


Dues Structure, currently dues are sent to the General Sec/Treasurer of the General Committee of Adjustment (GCA). The S/T disperses these funds to each department of the Brotherhood:

-         International - $29/mth; used for operation of the Canadian vice presidents office.

-         General Committee of Adjustment - $47/mth; used for collective bargaining and administration of the collective agreements.

-         National Legislative Board - $7.50; used for national legislative issues.

-         Provincial Legislative Boards and Divisions vary; PLB $5.50 to $14, Divisions $14.50 to $31, each PLB and Division control their own assessments.

-         GCA S/T will continue to disperse funds to each department; TCRC National, GCA, Provincial Legislative Boards and Divisions.

-         The Merger Agreement 5.6.5 determines the amount of assessment through to 2007 that the TCRC will pay to the IBT and Teamsters Canada.  These amounts will be paid from the assessed amount formerly allotted to the International and will now be assessed by the TCRC National.  There will be no increase in this amount until the delegates decide to change such at the next TCRC Convention in 2006.

-         The TCRC assessment will be combined with the NLB assessment and expenses of the NLB will be paid from this general fund through TCRC President.



Rail Conference Bylaws; deals with operation of National, re: IBLE Constitution section.

-         Bylaws reflect current constitution, changed to reflect Canadian reference only and cross references to IBT constitution

-         References to location, names and titles to reflect Canadian. 

-         Canadian national officers, no international officer.

-         Division delegates to Rail Conference Convention same as representation to current ID.

-         Delegate to IBT Convention one per 1000 members and one for each 750 members or portion thereof.

-         Rail Conference Convention held every 4 years, first convention in 2006.


Rail Conference Division Rules; deals with Division affairs, re: IBLE Statutes section.

-         Section 15; Trusteeship, replaces IBLE Statutes Section16a, with provisions from IBT Constitution.

-          Section 42; Charges, section deletes previous IBLE section and replaced with IBT provision “Trials and Appeals”.

-         IBLE Statutes Section 48 deleted.

-         IBLE Statutes Section 49 deleted.


Rail Conference General Committee Rules, deals with General Committees, re; IBLE Standing Rules (SR).

-         Section 8 - option for 4 year term of office

-         Section 21 replaces IBLE section 22(b) SR.

-         IBLE Assessments Section 30 and 31 SR deleted and replaced with RC Division Rules 36

-         IBLE Joint Track Section 47 SR deleted.


Rail Conference Legislative Rules; deals with affairs of Provincial and National Legislative Boards, re; IBLE Legislative Boards Canada.

-         Section 5 Assessments, revised to reflect today's operation and provide guidelines for expenses.

-         Handling of funds through TCRC Executive Committee not NLB chair.

-         Funds only to be used for specific purposes.

-         RC Leg Rules Section 15 new clause, allows Boards to adopt bylaws

-         IBLE LB Canada Section 32 deleted




-         This is a very comprehensive document.  Provides similar provisions as provided for in the current IBLE Constitution and Bylaws.


IBT Constitution

-         The constitution recognizes and protects the autonomy, integrity, and identity of each part of the Union and treats each part equally.

-         Election of International Officers; General President, General Secretary-Treasurer and at large Vice Presidents (5) to be voted on by ALL rank and file members.  Regional Vice Presidents (3 VP for Canada, one of which will be President) will be voted on by members in specific regions.


Separate section provided to TEAMSTERS CANADA

-         Recognizes the distinct national character of Teamster members in Canada.

-         Teamsters Canada designated as the nationwide representative of all Canadian Teamsters.

-         Incorporates the unique structure of Teamsters Canada in the IBT Constitution, acknowledging the sovereignty of Canada and the diversity and distinctiveness of our political, cultural, legal, and social institutions.

-         Reflects Canada's distinct French and English heritages, and our historical and linguistic traditions, labour relations systems, laws, and customs.



Merger Complete Overview

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