Notice of Special Meetings

Wednesday October 2, @ 1900

Thursday October 3, @ 1300 & 1900

In the basement of the Legion

For all Revelstoke CCROU Members

The executive of UTU Local 501 and BLE Division 657 are holding joint special meetings to discuss many of our common and longstanding issues including:

                   The shortage of workers. - We are all working more, and a shortage of crews is compounding the problem. Why are our members leaving? Why has the company had to resort to forcing people into the terminal?

                   The conductor and Locomotive engineer training programs - We need to discuss the problems and find some solutions. In particular, we need to hear from those who no longer train. Why not?

                   Deadheading, OLA, AV and other policies that affect our lives.

Come out and share your opinions.

Come out and hear what can be done and what is being done.

Come out and show your support for our unions.