R.J. Lewis 
Local Chairman
November 1, 1999

RE: Calling of ESB’s as Locomotive Engineers from the Trainman’s Guaranteed Spareboard.

It has been a practice since March 29, 1999 to call ESB’s from the trainman’s spareboard on a first in, first out, basis. Recently this has lead to situations where two ESB’s have been called for the same train with the junior ESB working as the Engineer. The BLE membership at the October meeting passed a motion to change the practice to allow the senior ESB to work as the Locomotive Engineer when called for the same train or at the same time.

The following Local Rule to regulate the handling of ESB’s on the Trainman’s Guaranteed Spareboard has been agreed upon with the Company:

Local Rule #14 - Calling of ESB’s from the Trainman’s Guaranteed Spareboard:

“Qualified ESB’s on the Trainman’s Guaranteed Spareboard shall be called for Locomotive Engineer work on a first in, first out basis. If two ESB’s are called for the same train or for the same time the senior ESB shall fill the Engineer position.

Note: Every effort shall be made to adhere to this rule, however, in the case of an error where two different trains are involved, a change in calls shall only be made if noticed prior to the employees involved reporting for duty.

The Company will not incur any additional cost in the application of this local rule.”

In regards to the “Note”, it is the intent of the rule to insure when ESB’s are called at the same time for different trains the senior Engineer is afforded the opportunity to hold the Locomotive Engineers position. However, it is understood that once an Engineer has left home to report for duty the call shall not be changed regardless of the circumstance. It will be the ESB’s responsibility to correct any errors at the time of call.

In regards to 2 ESB’s called for the same train, the ESB’s involved should correct the error with the Crew Dispatcher when they report for duty. The senior ESB shall in all cases be the Locomotive Engineer on the train.

Regarding changes to calls in the application of this rule there will be no CC, RA, or other payments generated by those involved, nor will other local rules come into effect.

In solidarity,

R.J. Lewis

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